Skating Club of Central Ohio
US Figure Skating Club #553


2018-19 Memberships

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New and Transferring Members

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The Skating Club of Central Ohio membership year coincides with the current US Figure Skating membership year.

There are two basic types of memberships available. A Home Club Membership includes membership in both the Skating Club of Central Ohio and US Figure Skating.. This type of membership selects the Skating Club of Central Ohio as the "Home Club" of the skater/member. The Skating Club of Central Ohio serves as the local conduit between US Figure Skating and the skater/member. Membership renewals, test activity, and other correspondence between the skater/member and US Figure Skating is managed by the Skating Club of Central Ohio. An Associate Membership provides membership in the Skating Club of Central Ohio. This is typical for a skater/member that has selected another skating club as their "Home Club".

A Basic Skills US Figure Skating membership is available through the Chiller LLC rinks for those skaters participating in Basic Skills group skating lessons or competitions. See your group instructor for more information and an application form. Introductory members are not members of the Skating Club of Central Ohio. Introductory members correspond directly with US Figure Skating or through their Basic Skills instructors. A transition to a full membership can be made at a later date, by completing the two forms described below, when the skater begins to test and/or compete beyond the Basic Skills level.


All Membership types - Please complete the SCOCO Membership form and indicate the type of membership for which you are applying:

    Home Club Memberships include SCOCO voting privileges and U.S. Figure Skating Membership. Additionally, if you join before August 15 of the membership year you qualify for one free test at a SCOCO test session.
           - First Family (Includes subscription to Skating magazine)
           - Subsequent Family Member
           - Collegiate (Includes 4-year SCOCO and USFS membership)
           - Introductory
           - Professional (Coach over the age of 18)

    Associate Membership includes SCOCO voting privileges.

To download the membership form right click on a link and select "Save Target As". Fill in the requested information and click "OK". This will download the file to your computer to the folder location you just specified.

2017-2018 SCOCO Membership Form- PDF (Membership year July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018)